A simple hygiene product we all take for granted is saving lives in Africa.

Soap is a product that is not readily available in many parts of the nation, but a South Lake Tahoe native is making it his mission to clean up deadly diseases.

John Cefalu is the founder of Health 2 Humanity or H2H, a non-profit that teaches Africans to make and sell soap.

The mission is to teach hygiene and create jobs in Africa. Cefalu started the project in 2014. Today he has trained 22 people to make and sell soap in 7 different countries.

“It is great to know that their potential has been unlocked,”┬áCefalu said.

Health 2 Humanity sells soap in the U.S. to fund the non-profit side of the project. To date, the H2H network has donated more than 17,000 bars of soap ito seven orphanages and has cut illness rates by more than 25 percent in sponsored areas.

H2H will be starting crowd funding July 25th. Proceeds will go to expand distribution and educate soap needs in Africa.

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