More Than Soap

About Health 2 Humanity.


We are a movement for the development of people. We believe by developing people with entrepreneur education we can truly create a lasting change. Every time you purchase a Health 2 Humanity product it helps fund education programs that create jobs, grant scholarships, and develop skills for people living in struggling communities.

Founder’s Story

John Cefalu has been traveling around the world setting up H2H locations since he was a freshman at Chapman University. His work with committed entrepreneurs around the world has given him a broad vision for how he sees the world of business. John was unhappy with many aspects of traditional charity work, so he created Health 2 Humanity Global to start our “Fight Against Giving”. John’s story started with his passion for the people that he ran into on his first mission trip to Kenya in 2012, and this passion is still the driving force behind the work we do today!


Currently, Health 2 Humanity Global has set up 12 locations throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.  Each entrepreneur has completed training through H2H Global’s Health 2 Humanity Academy. This training develops skills in business, marketing, soap-making, technology, and more. The international team has provided thousands of bars of soap to their local communities; decreasing hospital visits by an average of 22%. Over 1500 children have been sponsored and educated in hygiene awareness thanks to the H2H Global international team.


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