More Than Soap

You think soap is boring don’t you? What if we told you our Bars of Hope create jobs and eradicate preventable diseases? We think that a simple bar of high quality soap can provide the hope needed to clean the world!

How does hope clean the world?

Our Bars of Hope transcend the bathroom. By allowing our natural oils to invigorate your skin and help fight acne, fade scars, and diminish wrinkles, you are improving the well-being of people all around the globe. Shea butter that softens and educates, coconut oil that soothes and creates jobs, essential oils that refresh and empower. Bars of Hope create a movement for #NoMoreDirtyHands by allowing you to not only clean yourself, but clean the world.

Founder’s Story

At 17 years old, John Cefalu traveled to Kenya on a service trip expecting to be welcomed as a hero. After two weeks in Kenya, he realized that the real heroes were the people he met who cared more about each other than their possessions. Seeing this happiness, in spite their impoverished hygienic conditions, sparked an idea that he thought could change the world one bar of soap at a time. With no experience, he started making soap in his dorm room and developed the recipe that we still use to this day Since that first trip, Health 2 Humanity has been able to provide people all over the globe with the opportunity to fight poverty and disease at the root. Using soap as a vehicle to develop people, he started a movement that not only creates jobs and develops communities, but cleans the world.

Hope Develops People, Soap Develops Jobs

We believe the world’s most pressing issues can be solved by developing people to sustainably solve their own problems. Every time you buy a Bar of Hope you helping us walk alongside dreamers around the world to help them start their own businesses, educate their communities, and distribute hygiene products to areas around the world that desperately need it. Poverty can’t be defeated, and diseases can’t be eradicated, if we don’t focus on the world’s most valuable resource; PEOPLE!


Currently, Health 2 Humanity Global has set up 12 locations throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.  Each entrepreneur has completed training through H2H Global’s Health 2 Humanity Academy. This training develops skills in business, marketing, soap-making, technology, and more. The international team has provided thousands of bars of soap to their local communities; decreasing hospital visits by an average of 22%. Over 1500 children have been sponsored and educated in hygiene awareness thanks to the H2H Global international team.

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