John Cefalu went to Kenya only to beef up his resume. He returned home two weeks later with perspective and a golden idea. A selfish teenager by his own account, Cefalu in 2012 volunteered at a Kenyan orphanage. He lived among some 250 children, many with skin diseases and rashes. He saw how little hygiene the community practiced. The day he left, kids begged him to stay. A high school senior to be at the time, Cefalu vowed to return. Two years later, he did, and Health 2 Humanity was born. “I didn’t have any aspirations at the beginning other than supporting the orphanage that I’d gone to see,” said Cefalu, a Northern California native and Chapman senior.
Health 2 Humanity is what Cefalu, 21, calls “a social enterprise,” a nonprofit not only providing soap to those in third-world countries, but also establishing and resourcing sustainable vocational programs in the community…
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